The rubber band seems inconspicuous, but it is an important life helper! Today Xiao Bian has come to share 12 small coups so that each rubber band can function and make life more convenient.

    1. Blistering

    Three parallel rubber bands are tied to the soap. When you wash your hands, you will blistle as soon as you click.

    2. Increase friction

    Use plastic wrap but can not find the beginning, you can put a rubber band on the palm and rubbing up and down, using the friction of the rubber band, you can easily find the beginning.

    3. Anti-drip

    Near the mouth of sauces such as soy sauce, enclose the toilet paper and put on rubber bands. When the sauce flows out of the bottle, it will prevent the liquid from flowing down the bottle.

    4. Slip

    When a long bar tool such as a broom sticks against a wall, it often slips, and two or three rubber bands are tied to the top of the bar to increase friction.

    5. Avoid loosening

    In the laundry, socks on the socks can be worn on the rubber band, which is less likely to loosen; it can also be used to tie the rubber band in the often washed T-shirt collar and then thrown into the washing machine, which also has the same effect.

    6. Drain the drain

    Three rubber bands are tied in the soap box, and the used soap is placed on the soap box. The soap will not wet and rot on the soap box, keeping the soap dry.

    7. Anti-rolling

    Putting the rubber band under the egg can prevent the egg from rolling around.

    8. Drive ants

    Ants hate the taste of rubber bands. Prepare several rubber bands underneath the mouth of the sugar bowl at home. Each rubber band is best separated by 1 to 2 cm.

    9. Sticky nails

    When you cut your nails, nails can easily fall to the ground, and the toothpick can be wrapped around the rubber band and stuffed in the mouth of the nail scissors to prevent the nail from flying.

    10. Stick dust

    Put 7 or 8 rubber bands on the roller of the cling film and rub it under the carpet to keep even the vacuum cleaners from sucking dirty rubbish on the rubber band.

    If there is a small animal in the home, this method can easily stick the short hair of the small animal together. Finally, the rubber band can be cleaned with fresh water.

    11. Inking paste

    The seal is blocked by the ink pad and the characters cannot be clearly seen during use. The knotted rubber band can be placed on the paper and rubbed back and forth with the seal to clean the stains that are completely filled with the seal.

    12. Clear seams

    Sewing between the remote control buttons is easy to accumulate dust, wipe with water and afraid of damage to the machine, this time, the rubber band can be put on the bamboo chopsticks, the surface of the remote control to move back and forth, can remove fine seam dirt.

Rubber band preservation:

If the rubber bands are piled together, they will easily stick together after a long time.

In fact, as long as you sprinkle a small amount of Taibai powder on the rubber band, you can avoid this situation.

Experts said: The rubber band can actually be a small helper in daily life. Apart from removing dirt, there are some interesting small steps that can make tedious and troublesome family matters easier, and also make good use of small props. Life is more convenient.

The daily use of rubber bands