Rubber bands are sticky for the following reasons:

The reason is as follows: The rubber product is a kind of complex polymer compound, and its aging is closely related to its own physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the aging of rubber products is a matter of time and cannot be avoided. Of course, its composition and its environment are also very significant.

The second reason is that things such as rubber bands are continuously oxidized when exposed to air, sunlight, etc.

Reason 3: The flexibility of the rubber band is a certain range, and frequent over-stretching will reduce its life span.

The rubber band sticky solution is as follows:

    1. We should try our best to use in the low temperature and dark environment. For example, long-term unused rubber bands can be stored in the refrigerator to significantly extend the storage period.

    2, without affecting the use of a thin coat of oil on the top, oily material can achieve the purpose of isolation of air, reduce the oxidation rate.

Rubber sticky sticky removal method is as follows:

    1, gasoline, alcohol, cleansing oil, banana water and other similar strong organic solvent cleaning. Pay attention to flammable and explosive, do not stay in the hand for too long, prevent corrosion, use with care;

    2. Hot water cleaning, the glue will melt and easy to clean after being heated;

    3. There are specialized cleaners on the market that deal with glue residue;

Why rubber bands are sticky